If your goal is to find a global sourcing company with an on-the-ground presence and expertise in India, look no further. We have a proven methodology that can be tailored to your specific sourcing needs, whether your products and parts come from China or other Asian suppliers in Vietnam, Thailand etc.

The first step is to understand your core requirements to make informed decisions about production location and import requirements. We can assess your potential or new suppliers on-site and provide detailed reports on their:

  • General operations
  • Quality systems
  • Qualifications
  • Capabilities

If required, RE also acts as a procurement outsourcing service provider for your Indian suppliers.
We assess supplier performance and proactively solve issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. RE’s Asian sourcing specialists:

  • Document existing issues and requirements
  • Audit the supplier’s facility
  • Analyze their operating conditions
  • Create a corrective action report

We even guide the supplier through the successful completion of these actions where required. We pride ourselves on making the design, development, and import of goods from Indian suppliers as transparent as possible for our clients.

At RE, we do not prescribe to a one-size-fits-all approach but rather in close collaboration determine the correct strategic procurement strategy for each of our clients. Together we choose the right market through analyzing products and materials, country capacity, and raw material origin. Our goal is to:

  • Find the right suppliers
  • Provide quality product at the most cost effective way
  • Timely and consistently supplies
  • Meticulously manage them through continuous improvement, &
  • Re-evaluate the purchasing strategy periodically